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Herein lies the answers to life, challenges, and growth which you have been seeking such that your search has lead you to this page not as a random coincidence but as a matter of self-fulfilling prophecy & destiny.


A Wing Chun Website WingYongChun.com [CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THIS SECTION]:

Please come to this website for links to YouTube to see Masters of Wing Chun / 咏春 ~ Yǒng Chūn demonstrating their interpretation of the Wing Chun / 咏春 ~ Yǒng Chūn forms, for pragmatic & useful practical philosophical insight into the art of Wing Chun / 咏春 ~ Yǒng Chūn, a 4-level Wing Chun / 咏春 ~ Yǒng Chūn lesson plan with specific areas of focus for the Disciple & the Sifu to discuss, for discussions about demonstrating honor, respect, self-control, & integrity, for examples of the Mandarin Chinese language & the importance in acquiring an understanding of the Chinese Language, for insights into the fundamental philosophy of Buddhism upon which Wing Chun / 咏春 ~ Yǒng Chūn was founded, entertainment through free online YouTube links to Wing Chun / 咏春 ~ Yǒng Chūn full-length movies, Mantras to help the Wing Chun / 咏春 ~ Yǒng Chūn practitioner stay in a continuous meditative & heightened state of Mindfull Awareness, instructions on how to make an affordable Mak Yan Jong / 麦仁忠 ~ Mài rénzhōng Dummy for practicing on, and MUCH MORE TO COME!!!

Thank you (谢谢 ~ Xièxiè),
Most honorably yours,
Thomas “Tivy” Tvedten,
Disciple of Wing Chun / 咏春 ~ Yǒng Chūn for life!

My MANTRA to be used (by anyone) as needed [CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THIS SECTION]:

I use this mantra to help me consciously acknowledge my continuing goal to be as graceful as water wich immediately adjusts to all situations effortlessly, & to consciously acknowledge that seemingly difficult times are, in fact, opportunities for growth towards my continuous goal of being as water. This mantra brings me continuously towards an increasing sense of true peace. Please try using it to help your own progression towards a continuously increasing state of peace.