Three Full Movies about Wing-chun / (咏春) Yǒng chūn & Her Guidance by Buddhist Nun, Ng Mui; Also Other Wing Chun Movie Links. [CLICK HERE TO LINK TO THESE MOVIES]:

This provides YouTube links to three full movies about Yim Wing-chun & her guidance by Buddhist Nun, Ng Mui.


My MANTRA to be used (by anyone) as needed [CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THIS SECTION]:

I use this mantra to help me consciously acknowledge my continuing goal to be as graceful as water wich immediately adjusts to all situations effortlessly, & to consciously acknowledge that seemingly difficult times are, in fact, opportunities for growth towards my continuous goal of being as water. This mantra brings me continuously towards an increasing sense of true peace. Please try using it to help your own progression towards a continuously increasing state of peace.