The Father, the Mother, the Daughter, and the Son: An Infinite Father God, An Infinite Mother Consisting of Multiplex Universes & Dimensions Connected by “Wormholes,” a Daughter Called “the Buddha,” and a Son Called “the Christ.” [CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THIS SECTION]:

Whether one is “Buddhist” or “Christian,” most people will not argue that we have “free will,” which is defined as the right to think, speak, and do as one pleases.  So I ask you this:  What good is free will if you cannot use it to believe as you choose to believe?  If you choose to believe in anything at all, why not choose to believe in something which gives you peace?  Here is what I choose to believe:

The Christian perspective of a male God, a human female and fundamentally flawed woman as the mother, “Mary,” and the hero of the story, “Jesus” who is also (predictably) male, is so shallow that it need not be entertained any further.


I propose the following:


God is OMNIPOTENT and OMNISCIENT and serves as our father, but he has no place to call “home” without the presence of His OMNIPOTENT and OMNISCIENT wife who is composed of a multiplex of interconnected universes each of a different dimensional composition (possibly connected by Einstein’s predicted “wormholes”).


Father God and Mother “Multiplex” gave birth first to a daughter named “Buddha” who taught many how to find peace within the tranquility of meditation.  Some humans were of the geographical orientation to be exposed to her insights and chose to follow her.  Some humans either chose not to follow her, or were of geographical orientation that did not allow them to follow her insights.


Thousands of years later Father God and Mother “Multiplex” gave birth to the Holy Father in human form:  “The Christ.”  He not only reiterated what his sister “Buddha” had taught, but he lived a human life demonstrating that it was all possible and ultimately paid the price (Crucifixion) for those humans who, for whatever reason, had not followed his sister Buddha’s instructions.


Those of us modern humans who have the wisdom to realize that the similarities between Buddhism and Christianity are because they came from the same Gods, and the differences in the two religions are only manifested as a result of humans tampering with the Words of Gods for the soul purpose of exploiting their own agenda, are free to choose to believe the wisdom of both teachers:  The Christ and The Buddha . . . Male and Female . . . Yin and Yang.

And it is so.

Peace be still.



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