The Purpose of This Challenging and Often Painful Life [CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THE MOST MEANINGFUL PART OF THIS WEBSITE].

Although TRUE Buddhists and TRUE Christians see “God” from extremely different perspectives, the humans of these two religious and philosophical faiths / ideologies have ONE goal in common:  They each seek to be ONE with “God” (as they perceive God to be).

Although it may SEEM, from the “outside looking in” that some people’s lives are such that they could fall into a huge pile of cow manure and always come out “smelling like a rose,” and that their lives are relatively free from suffering, however, the TRUTH is that most human beings suffer HORRIBLY throughout at-least certain PARTS of their lives if not throughout their ENTIRE lives.  One cannot help but at least wonder, if not overtly ask, “Why must we suffer so much?  What is the purpose of this life?  What is the true meaning of this painful life?”

Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, or of any other religious and / or philosophical faith and / or ideology you MAY be able to intellectually and emotionally understand the following simple concept:   God (however you perceive “God” to be) surely does not want to “be ONE” with an entity of a human nature, spiritual nature, or any other nature, if that entity knows absolutely nothing about God’s own omnipotent and OMNISCIENT nature.  Think about it for a moment:  Would you seriously want to marry a person who knows almost NOTHING about you? –> OF COURSE NOT!!!  Therefore it is entirely reasonable to conclude that God ONLY wants to be ONE with those who are “like-minded” with God.

Therefore, how does a person come anywhere close to understanding what one is required to experience . . . to either “BE” or BECOME omnipotent and OMNISCIENT, how does one become “like-mided” with God, and how does it FEEL to be omnipotent and OMNISCIENT?

To either ETERNALLY BE, or to gradually BECOME omnipotent and OMNISCIENT it is logical to conclude that one who possesses these attributes has literally experienced EVERY kind of challenge that is possible to encounter, and it is tenable to proclaim that one who posses these attributes has also successfully OVERCAME an infinite number of these infinitely diverse challenges.


~[ I would argue that it only makes sense that to gain experience with & overcome an infinite number of infinitely diverse challenges . . . it MUST take several lifetimes to acquire this:  It must take an infinite number of highly diverse lifetimes . . . existing in highly diverse dimensions and universes as an infinite variety of life forms.  However, this is my personal Buddhist-inspired philosophy and faith . . . so I do not expect anyone to “buy into” this idea unless he or she desires to do so. ]~

Therefore, for “God” (however you perceive God to be) to be willing to ALLOW you to become ONE with GOD, it is MANDATORY that you journey successfully through an infinite number of infinitely diverse challenges yourself:  Life is HARD.  Life is MEANT to be HARD.  However, WE frequently serve as our OWN OBSTACLES when it comes to not successfully overcoming a challenge of any kind, and we incur resultant (and IMMENSE) suffering.

I will reveal to the reader how I am FINALLY succeeding at overcoming various and HUGE challenges within my own life . . . in hopes that you will not only FULLY comprehend what I am saying from a LOGICAL perspective, but also that you will be EMOTIONALLY WILLING (we do in fact have FREE WILL) to “buy into” these concepts that the logical side of your brain most likely understands and possibly agrees with:

  1. Be MINDFUL of the very moment you are presently in without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.
  2. Think POSITIVE.  The world (universe) tends to deliver the results that your mind brings forth from the universe.  Positive thinking yields positive results.  Likewise, negative thinking yields negative results.
  3. Put the art of being at PEACE with YOURSELF and OTHERS (and EVERYTHING else in life) into PRACTICAL APPLICATION through whichever vector works best for you, such as MEDITATION, PRAYER, meditative movement such as Tai-Chi or any other form of Martial Arts, writing in a personal journal, performing artwork or a craft of some kind, listening to or performing music, dancing, etc.
  4. When you feel that you are in DISTRESS . . . do your BEST . . . to simply REST.
  5. Learn how to FORGIVE, and then PUT YOUR FORGIVENESS INTO PRACTICE:  “Holding hatred in your heart is the same (action) as drinking toxic poison and then expecting the ones who hurt you to die.”  Hatred (1), resentment (2), and being vindictive (3) . . . may hurt (or even KILL) those whom have hurt you, but all three of these will serve to hurt (or even kill) YOURSELF too:  In fact, YOU will suffer FAR GREATER than the ones who caused harm to you if you do not eventually forgive them.  Forgiving someone does not always mandate that you allow that person to continue to be a part of your life, because if you do allow him or her to continue to be a part of your live it is very possible that this person will continue to harm you.  Forgiving someone is an internal action of realizing that he or she is . . . in fact . . . responsible for the harm that he or she caused . . . while simultaneously recognizing that you must not resent that person, hate that person, or wish any harm upon that person.


Although I practice the philosophy of Buddhism, I cling to a biblical scripture which I think summarizes the New-Testament of the bible quite well.  In my interpretation of the scripture, Mark 1:15, it reads as follows:

‘The time of the kingdom of God is at hand upon us this very moment, therefore if you want to claim the kingdom of God as your home you MUST REPENT and believe this gospel which I have just revealed to you, then the kingdom of God will be yours right here and right now.”

In other words, you can make your life “hell on earth” by continuing to sin and living in a way which is not beneficial or productive, or you can use your FREE WILL to CHOOSE to REPENT (stop sinning and start doing that which is constructive and beneficial to yourself and others), and your life will gradually (or suddenly) become as close to “heaven on earth” as you will ever find.  If you CHOOSE to believe this and you CHOOSE to “live the good life,” then you will be at peace sooner or later.

~ Mark 1:15

WORDS OF WARNING:  When you first experience true peace it may feel unfamiliar and therefore “uncomfortable” to you:  Just be patient, because being at peace will become “comfortable” to you in it’s due time.  Do not backslide / relapse into past bad habbits / addictions:  Stay on the “ENLIGHTENED” path.  Continue to “fight the GOOD fight.”

Note of Importance:

Krav Maga & Wing Chun (Ving Tsun / Yong Chun) are the two most DEADLY forms of Martial Arts that exist.  I would say the Krav Maga is more physically deadly than Wing Chun, because Krav Maga is essentially nothing more (and nothing less) than an algorithmic protocol for killing someone very quickly and very quietly.  I choose to learn, practice, and teach Wing Chun because its principles are grounded within a very pragmatic application of Buddhist philosophy / religious faith, therefore it empowers me to not ONLY win PHYSICAL battles, but Wing Chun also empowers me to win SPIRITUAL and ETHICAL battles as well.

If you choose to study a form of Martial Arts, I suggest that you learn all that you can about Wing Chun, for this art form will very effectively prepare you for the battles of life which are not always limited to the physical dimension of life.


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