Wing Chun: A Protocol for Self Defense, Cultivation of One’s Self & Others, and . . . when Need be, it is a Protocol for Inflicting Handicap or Death within 30 Seconds [CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THIS SECTION]:

I am often insulted when narrow minded knuckle dragging neanderthals immediately assume that Wing Chun is some kind of Americanized version of a Chinese dance, or an imitation of an animals characteristics, at best.  The fact is that Wing Chun, much like Krav Maga, is a protocol for immediately rendering an opponent to be incapable of harming the Wing Chun master any further regardless of whether the necessary Wing Chun intervention requires crippling the opponent or relieving the opponent of his life, and this protocol can easily be carried out to fruition within thirty seconds.  It is NOT a dance.  It is not an imitation of an animal’s movements.  It is, in fact, absolutely deadly and therefore must be used under extremely cautious and prudent discretion because the “law” only allows for the minimum amount of force necessary to prevent one from being attacked any further.  The”law” does not allow for excessive force.

Wing Chun is essentially based on two factors:  Physics and human anatomy.  For example, in physics the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  Also, the smaller the area of penetration is, the more force that will be applied.  Anatomically, the vast majority of life-sustaining organs are found within the center-line of the human body.  While attacking from the center-line of one’s own body, a simultaneous offensive-defense is set forth so that the opponent must penetrate your offensive strikes to effectively attack your center line where your vital organs are located.

Therefore, let’s stop with the nonsense of assuming that Wing Chun is just another animal husbandry showmanship of a theatrical dance done for the purpose of entertainment which has no applicable value in a real battle.  A TRUE master of Wing Chun will quite effectively out resource a boxer, an “MMA fighter,” or even a perpetrator holding a gun at the Wing Chun master’s head.

Wing Chun is pragmatic.  Wing Chun is factually based on physics and anatomy.  Wing Chun is absolutely deadly.  If anyone doubts this, then I welcome them to test me.  My only rule is that semiautomatic and automatic weapons cannot be used, because even I cannot dodge bullets:  I am not Super Man.

Very sincerely,

Sifu Thomas Tvedten, A.K.A. Dragon Snake.

Your challenges are ALWAYS welcome because I look forward to the opportunity to learn from the experience that I acquire during your challenge.




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