Yǒng-Chūn de Lóng Shé: Life Protocol – [CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THIS SECTION]:

Yǒng-Chūn de Lóng Shé:
Life protocol:

Every instant is another test!
Your objective is continuously Increasing SUCCESS:

1. Always demonstrate Gratitude For Grace extended to you.
2. Empty your mind of distracting thoughts.
3. BREATHE through This Moment of discomfort.
4. Be mindfully aware of all That is within this moment.
5. Be increasingly at peace.
6. Be increasingly PATIENT.
7. Be profoundly more calm, & carry on.
8. Be cool:  When appropriate , obey the TEN COUNT RULE.
9. Above all, do not engage in that Which is in any way
potentially or literally harmful to others &/or you!

Phase One:

The nature of the snake’s disposition:

Snakes are not predatory; they are simply resolved to stand their ground & they do not attack except when in imminent danger because their personal boundaries have been violated. The more relaxed you are (as a snake), & the more “whip-like” – recoil that is translated into your snake-like strikes, the more effective you will be. Targets are typically soft tissue targets. accurate:

i. What is the nature of this entity?
ii. What does it do?
iii. What does it seek?
iv. How does it go about obtaining &/or attempting to obtain that which it seeks?
v. How does it behave?
vi. How does it move / advance for it’s attack/s?
vii. What is the nature & movement of this entity’s energy?



Phase Two:
The nature of the dragon’s disposition:

Dragons are wise, intuitive, & insightful . . . NOT vindictive, evil, or predatory. They are warriors who strike with the brutal & powerful force of a tsunami!  The stronger you are, the more effective your strikes will be. Targets are often boney, hard prominences, but soft tissue targets are also very susceptible to an effective attack. Accuracy & precision are not highly significant. Intuition is critical to perceive when, how, & where the impending attack will be implemented. While dragons live in solitude, very separated from average, unintuitive, unaware, unperceptive human beings, dragons do seek the company of other dragons, & dragons periodically extend grace to those elite, few humans who are sincerely allowing themselves to grow in both wisdom & in the application of that wisdom to real-life practical situations such that the human has embarked on an infinite journey to learn “the way of the dragon.” When a dragon extends this grace to a human, the dragon serves as a teacher, guide, & leader (through example), and the dragon Sifu points the way towards the direction where life’s true answers can be found, by taking the human in under the Dragon’s wing . . .
Dragons avoid confrontation to the greatest extent because once a battle between a dragon & any other entity begins, the dragon does not fear fighting to the (physical) death because the dragon’s energy is eternal / immortal, & therefore the instant a person with a dragon’s spirit physically dies, the dragon’s energy is (reincarnated) immediately absorbed by a newly born entity in this universe or in another dimensional universe in such a way that while the specific memories of the dragon’s current life will not be carried on, the spiritual lessons that the dragon has acquired throughout this current journey will be carried on to the next life so that the dragon “picks up where s/he left off, & continues her/his journey towards an infinitely increasing profound sense of peace and divinely defined success. If, however, it is not the body of the dragon which dies, but instead the body of the opponent that dies, the dragon then partakes in a mutually beneficial exchange with the spirit of the opponent in the following manner . . .
The useful, productive spiritual energy of the opponent is absorbed by the dragon’s spirit, such that the opponent’s “positive” energy joins the dragon’s energy to become one with the dragon so that in this manner, the opponent is rewarded with spiritual / energetic immortality & shares in the infinitely increasing wisdom & insight of the dragon, & so too does the dragon benefit from that opponent’s lifetime of acquired wisdom & insight. While there is mythology that states that for this spiritually energetic unity to occur, the dragon must ingest the brain of the opponent after the opponent’s body has deceased, this is pure mythology because in truth spiritual energy & spiritual insight are not confined to any physical component such as the brain; the absorption of the opponent’s spiritual energy is not in any way a tangible or physical exchange: it is purely a transfer of energy which cannot be seen by humanly limited eyes.
Attacking as a dragon & / or a snake:
Do not attack at your target! Attack through your target! In literally defined terms, if your goal is to strike an enemy’s eyes, do not aim for the eyes themselves, but rather; aim for a perceived target which lies at least two feet behind the physical location of the enemy’s eyes such that when you strike, your strike does not only impact the enemy’s eyes, but it’s impact is such that you strike quickly, powerfully, accurately, & completely through the eyes, thereby obliterating the enemy’s eyes by striking directly through the eyes & continuing its momentum until the strike has proceeded completely through the enemy’s entire skull (and all that was contained within the enemy’s skull prior to your deadly penetrating strike), but in this strike you must almost simultaneously RECOIL (snap-back) because the greater the pressure is over an infinitely shorter frame of time, the greater the impact of the force of the strike will be, thus resulting in profoundly more damage. Always remember that your true power lies in the shortest distance between two points; a direct attack!


Phase Three:
The nature of the crane’s disposition:

The crane represents the human sympathetic nervous system’s “flight” response. In this mode you acknowledge that your opponent is more proficient & more powerful than you. You must instinctively & simultaneously block the first attempt at an attack & concurrently counterattack. Once your opponent is “distracted / disoriented” by your counter attack you immediately escape to safety. Crane blocks such as “taun-sao,” “bong-sao,” “gaun-sau,” “pak-sao,” & “hun-gi,” are very angular in positioning just as a crane’s wings are angular.
The appropriate goal of a physical confrontation is never to be acknowledged as the “winner,” but rather, the goal is to only inflict the minimum ammount of force necessary to allow you one single moment to escape to a location of complete safety. The crane us an Escape Artist! This is not something to be ashamed of, but proud of, because it shows discipline, self control, & personal restraint / integrity.