Everything You Will Ever Need To Know About Succeeding in Every Aspect of Your Life, in Every Way Possible, from Every Second of Your Life to the Next Second of Your Life: [CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THIS SECTION].


  1. INTRODUCTION: As you read this essay you will be empowered with some choices to make: 
    1. You may CHOOSE to openly accept the information within this essay and immediately apply it to every second of your life, or you may CHOOSE to reject the information in this essay as “B.S.”
    2. You may CHOOSE to continuously REDEFINE and RECREATE your entire being, second by second, for the rest of your life, BY APPROPRIATELY CHANNELING YOUR ENERGY, or you may CHOOSE to cling to your memories and past mistakes (distant or recent) and deceive yourself into believing that these PAST remnants are what define WHO you are NOW, and WHAT you stand for in the PRESENT MOMENT.
    3. Whatever choices you make, be sure to OWN these choices, because these choices are purely your OWN choices which have been made by YOU and not made by anyone else: Take OWNERSHIP over your choices.


  1. Five Simple Principles of Life, and the Appropriate GOAL of a Person Throughout Every Second of Life:
    1. Everyone in life has experiences which lie somewhere along the range of motion of a “Pendulum of Human Experience.”
    2. The Pendulum is always in motion, even when it appears to be holding still because mathematically speaking, zero movement of the Pendulum is impossible to obtain (as calculus proves), however, it is NOT impossible to infinitely and decreasingly encroach upon zero movement of this Pendulum in an exponential manner as shown by the graph below:
    3. If a dramatic swing of this Pendulum to the extreme left side represents the ultimate state of happiness, immediate and complete gratification, euphoric bliss, and “heaven,” then it logically follows that a dramatic swing of this Pendulum to the extreme right side represents immense suffering, deeply rooted sorrow, shame, guilt, sadness, and “hell.”
    4. The principle Law of Motion states that “once an object is in motion, it will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.” Therefore, it logically follows that however high the Pendulum swings to the left, the Pendulum will inevitably swing just as dramatically high to the right, unless acted on by another force.
    5. Therefore, one’s goal should NOT be to obtain self-fulfilling happiness, and one’s goal should NOT be to obtain self-sabotaging misery (or the act of harming others), but rather; one’s goal ought to be to keep this Pendulum swinging decreasingly less and less so that the Pendulum encroaches infinitely upon remaining in the very center of its range of motion which is where TRUE & PERFECT PEACE is found.
  1. Becoming Like Water: The way to obtain an infinitely and progressively increasing sense of deeply rooted peace is NOT by FORCING yourself to avoid extreme bliss, or by FORCING yourself to avoid immense suffering, but simply by ALLOWING yourself to experience this infinitely and progressively increasing sense of deeply rooted peace by becoming like WATER:
    1. Water does NOT TRY to overcome adversity. Water, in fact, EFFORTLESSLY & READILY ALLOWS itself to adapt to ANY level of challenge and/or adversity of any kind, by flowing gracefully THROUGH the adversity without internalizing any suffering and it does so with GRACEFULNESS & EASE.
    2. Water may ALLOW itself to GENTLY flow peacefully through a shallow creek as it NOURISHES every living thing within its path, or water may ALLOW itself to become a TSUNAMI of CRASHING power so that it flows DIRECTLY THROUGH any form of adversity of the most immense magnitude.
    3. Be water, my friend.” ~ Bruce Lee.
  1. A Straight Line is the Shortest Distance between Two Points: “Archimedes” proclaimed that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  This is the fundamental principle of the Chinese Martial Arts form called “Wing Chun” (Kung Fu) which was created by a Buddhist Nun named “Ng Mui,” and was eventually taught to the “Grand Master of Wing Chun Kung Fu,” named “Ip Man,” who also taught the concept to the iconic Bruce Lee.
    1. Bruce Lee’s contention was that your TRUE POWER lies NOT in a long “round-house” punch, but by punching from the center of your own body in a straight line THOUGH the center of your opponent.”  Hence, Bruce Lee became well known for his powerful “4 inch punch.”
    2. This same principle applies not only to any physical challenge, but it also applies to ALL other challenges in life: Your TRUE POWER lies along a straight line directly between where you currently are in life, and your goal of all-inclusive and comprehensive success in every aspect of life. 
  2. EXAMPLE: If you suffer from anxiety and consequently are afraid to show up to work, the worst thing you can do is call in sick because this is NOT taking the shortest most DIRECT path between yourself and your goal of overcoming fear.  Rather, by avoiding that which you fear, you are actually taking the “scenic” (VERY DARK) route by trying to maneuver AROUND your fears so that you do not have to confront them; those fears will simply follow you.  However, by taking the shortest, most DIRECT path between your current “place” of anxiety, STRAIGHT THROUGH this adversity toward your goal of overcoming fear, you are in fact taking the ENLIGHTENED PATH which will lead you DIRECTLY to your goal of SUCCESS!  Typically, this enlightened path will leave you unscathed by the adversity which lies on both sides of the path:  CONFRONT your “demons” head on, face to face, then you will conquer them!


  1. Some Helpful Tools: (There are many helpful videos on YouTube explaining how to use these tools).
    1. Meditation OF MOTION.
    2. POSITIONAL meditation (holding still).
    3. Deep Breathing Techniques.
    4. Biofeedback.
    5. Progressive Relaxation Techniques.
    6. Martial Arts.
    7. Yoga.
    8. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) by an experienced & competent, licensed professional therapist. 
    9. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) by an experienced & competent, licensed professional therapist.
    10. Artistic Expression.
    11. Journaling.
    12. Exercise.
    13. Etc.