A Martial Artist Who Appears to Resonate [CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THIS SECTION]:




Resonance (rěz’ə-nəns): 

Resonance is “oscillation induced in a physical system when it is affected by another system that is itself oscillating at the right frequency.”  For further explanation of the nature of resonance please see this website:  Resonance.

For information regarding how true resonance is visualized and utilized in the medical field, please see this website:  MRI.


Most fighters do not come anywhere close to appearing to resonate.  Boxers, for example, have about 3 basic movements:

  1. “Bobbing”
    1. Moving upward & downward in a linear motion to make themselves harder to punch.
  2. “Weaving”
    1. Moving side to side in a linear or semicircular motion to make themselves harder to punch.
  3. Punching
    1. Extending their fists outward in a linear or semicircular motion to punch at the target.

The only way that a martial artist can come anywhere near having the appearance of resonating is to start training in martial arts at a very young age, typically around the age of 4 years old.  After studying multiple styles of martial arts & fighting for 30 or more years, & after gaining an almost immeasurable amount of experience competing against an infinitely diversified variety of fighters from drastically different fighting backgrounds, the martial artists may combine an innumerable number of components from multiple different styles of fighting so that when the martial artist fights, she or he almost appears to resonate in an unpredictable and seemingly chaotic manner.  These martial artists are truly deadly.


Popular martial artists who seem to be able to appear to resonate on film include such martial artists / actors and actresses as Ziyi Zhang, Jackie Chan, the late Bruce Lee, & Jet Li.  However, most likely there is a martial artist somewhere who appears to resonate far beyond this level.


This martial artist has most likely dedicated his or her life to the art of combat, lives in isolation & detachment, and typically only appears to other humans for very practical purposes such as acquiring food, or for fighting.  If the martial artist appears to a person for fighting, there is a high probability that the person that this martial artist fights will not live to tell about the experience.


A person who has only studied Wing Chun / (咏春) Yǒng Chūn will NOT defeat this “resonating” fighter, however, a highly proficient Wing Chun / (咏春) Yǒng Chūn martial artist is probably more likely to survive the encounter than martial artists who only represent one (different) style of martial arts.  This is because Wing Chun / (咏春) Yǒng Chūn is a highly intuitive art form thus enabling the Wing Chun / (咏春) Yǒng Chūn martial artist to perceive when, where, and how she or he will be attacked by this “resonating” martial artist, and simultaneously block & counterattack with as much deadly force as possible, then using the few seconds that follow that block & counterattack to escape to a safe & far distance away from the “resonating” martial artist.