My MANTRA to be used (by anyone) as needed [CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THIS SECTION]:


I AM . . .

. . . the living water of [YOUR PREFERED NAME].

I effortlessly and readily adapt . . .

to any level of challenge . . .

. . . with Grace & ease.

. . . And, It is so.

Peace:  Be still.



Wǒ shì dì dì de [YOUR PREFERED NAME].

Wǒ háo bù fèilì de shìyìng rènhé tiǎozhàn.

Shì zhèyàng hépíng.

Bùyào dòng.









  1. I AM . . .
    1. “I am” is a bold statement proclaiming the presence of your essence.
  2. . . . the living water of [YOUR PREFERED NAME].
    1. “Living water” unlike regular water, is aware of it’s purpose.
  3. I effortlessly and readily adapt . . .
    1. Water utilizes no effort or energy to “readily adapt.”
  4. to any level of challenge . . .
    1. “Challenge” is actually an opportunity for growth regardless of how seemingly insurmountable the challenge may seem to be.
  5. . . . with Grace & ease.
    1. “Grace” is a concept of extending acceptance of yourself regardless of whether or not your past behavior would seem to warrant that acceptance.
  6. . . . And, It is so.
    1. “And, it is so” acknowledges that what you think and say becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy such that the more you think it and say it, the more likely it is to come to fruition:  Speak it into existence.
  7. Peace:  Be still.
    1. “Peace” is the state of being that is found in the middle of each of our pendulums that are prone to swing from states of euphoric bliss all the way to shear, agonizing suffering.  By allowing (not forcing) your “emotional gravity” to pull the pendulum such that the pendulum increasingly becomes infinitely closer to a state of stillness located in the middle of the pendulum’s range of motion, you will increasingly encroach on successfully redirecting your energy away from obtaining a state of self-indulgence, self-sabotage, or sabotage of others, TOWARDS an infinitely increasing state of peace.