How To Set Up a Wing Chun / Yǒng Chūn (咏春) – Muk Yan Jong (木人樁) Dummy Using a Punching Bag & an Attachmate (C) for Around 400$ [CLICK ON THIS TITLE TO BE TAKEN TO THIS SECTION]:

  1. Buy a floor-based punching bag that doesn’t “recoil” too much or “spin around” any more than 45 degrees at the most (if it doesn’t spin at all, that will also work).  The most affordable but stable punching bag that I have found costs approximately $149.99 + $25.25 tax + $100.00 for shipping (a total of 274.25$), and is found online at Dick’s Sporting Goods at the following URL website location:  Century Cardio Wavemaster II Punching & Kicking Bag.  It is reasonably weighted at the bottom by filling the “base” of the bag with water.  It helps to stabilize the bag against the center of a sturdy wall so that the wall stops the bag from “springing back” away from your fist (palm-strike or kick) too much, while still providing you with 180 degrees access to work around the bag from various angles.  The one that I bought for my work-located gym is just under 6 feet tall when fully extended.  Since you raise the bag up or down on its base by twisting the bag & then pulling it up or pushing it down to your own height, even when it is securely “locked” into the appropriate position for your height it does have some “pivot” or “rotation” to it, but only about 45 degrees, which (from my perspective) gives the “dummy” a more human-like, “dynamic” behavior than a traditional “stationary” wooden dummy (which typically costs between 1,000$ – 2,000$ at LEAST).  From my perspective, the way the bag moves back against the wall when punched or kicked, and the “recoils” or “springs” back toward me is also a more human-like behavior than a big, stiff, traditional wooden dummy.
  2. Then, the Attachmate © (shown in the picture below) costs approximately 115.95$.  I have found the product to be very sturdy & resilient,  fairly easy to place around the bag with two very long straps of velcro that come with the product, and I do not have to “restrain the force that I use on the Attachmate © to any extent at all.  The only “down-side” that I can see regarding the product is that since it is made out of very sturdy plastic instead of solid wood, it will not help you add density to your forearms by performing your Muk Yan Jong (木人樁)Wooden Dummy form on the product.  However, I do have some medical background & I question to what extent a grown man is going to acquire any more bone density by using a solid-wooden dummy.  The product MIGHT be found at the following online website:  Attachmate:
  3. The total cost of the two products combined will likely be between 390$ – 430$.  If you do some online research you may find both products online @ or on eBay for much cheaper.