YouTube Inflammatory/Critical Postings; “That’s NOT Wing Chun!” or “That’s NOT right!” [CLICK ON THIS TITLE TO BE TAKEN TO THIS SECTION]:

Don’t be so Quick to Harshly Judge!

When I look at people’s various forms of martial arts on YouTube I am SHOCKED by the total lack of personal integrity displayed by people who CLAIM to be “Martial Artists” as they “post” highly insulting comments under videos that other REAL Martial Artists have posted, such as, “That’s NOT Wing Chun!” or “That’s NOT right!”  They post these inflammatory, insulting comments from behind the safety of their computer keyboards, while they simultaneously lack the courage to post any videos of THEM performing any of their OWN martial arts forms.  It seems to me that they are forgetting two highly important principles:

  1. A REAL Martial Artist does his or her best to ALWAYS conduct his or herself with integrity while “Saving Face.”  See the online article about the asian, & more specifically, the Chinese concept of “Saving Face” @ “Saving Face.”  In a “nut-shell” the phrase “Saving Face” means that you do NOT intentionally bring dishonor upon anyone.  This concept is so profound among TRUE Martial Artists that it is not uncommon for someone who is perceived as having “won the fight” to bow out of respect to the opponent who is perceived by others as having “lost the fight” and say something to the effect of, “Thank you for teaching me so much, and for challenging me to such a great extent; I am honored by this opportunity!”
  2. Martial Arts is, in fact, an ART!  Since it is an ART form, it intrinsically lends itself to be interpreted very differently from one person to the next.  Personally, I not only make it a point (after I have learned the “original” form of a particular style of Kung Fu) to change the way I do the form so that it is uniquely my OWN interpretation of the form, thereby facilitating a usefulness for the form that I deeply understand, and consequently the “form” becomes more meaningful to me and more likely to have a pragmatic use for me in an actual confrontation.

So, my friends & fellow martial artists, do NOT be so quick to harshly judge; for when you do so, instead of insulting the other Martial Artist, you have in FACT brought SHAME upon YOURSELF!!!